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About Us

Being part of a team in a service organization is not for everyone. It can be a tough responsibility, especially mentally.

At Belfair Community Clubhouse, we've developed a small, yet strong, working team that sees to the daily operations, to meet the needs of the community served, ensuring the best possible outcomes.

Capital Recovery Center has served the Thurston County community since 1989. We've gone through a multitude of changes, evolving along with the community needs. We first started out as a Clubhouse, morphing into serving opioid substance use, housing issues, and connecting those in need to other benefits and resources. Establishing a Clubhouse in Belfair is part of our evolution to fill the need in the communty. 

Meet the Team!


Sean Wright, CPC

Clubhouse Executive Director


Tara Miller

Lead Peer Counselor


Casandra Starn

Certified Peer Counselor

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors reflect the overall compassion and empathy of the area, sharing in the common goal of recovery and healing. 


Each board member strives to ensure the mission of CRC is met and strengthened, through guidance and creating opportunities for growth. 

Darlene Hein


Donna Louise Elam


Paula Rauen


Kevin Johnson


Jerry Barney


Ron Rougeaux


Sara Holt-Knox


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